Perfect Jade 1991 Corvette

CorvetteBlog loves to go on the road because we discover so many stories.  For example, sitting next to the 2004 Medium Spiral Gray Metallic Corvette Coupe I drove to the Corvette Funfest was a 1991 Corvette Coupe in a color never produced in the Corvette factory.  I glanced at it as I got out of my car, and it was green.  As I moved, parts of the car became purple, blue, brown, plum, even apple red.

Turns out that Mr. and Mrs. Ken Skirnski had driven their car from White Hall, Michigan, bringing the odometer to about 93,000 miles.  This car, originally manufactured in Arctic White, now boasts a paint job in Perfect Jade!  Ken has done much work over his six years of ownership, and it shows!

The Skirnski’s with their shimmering beauty:

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  1. Kieth Pertl says:

    I have a 1991Corvette and am having a problem with a warm start. I need help with understanding what this means. The best way to describe this is: When I initially start my vehicle in the morning, there is no hesitation, and it starts right up. Later, after driving for a while, it will hesitate when starting. A mechanic described it as a “warm start”. Im not sure if this is what the problem is or even if thats what its called, but I need help understanding.

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