How to NOT Park a Corvette

Well this one really stunned us over here at CorvetteBlog.  In Indianapolis this past Thursday, a gentleman allegedly offered a Police Officer $20 to forget about him parking his 2007 Corvette illegally.

No kidding!  He was arrested on charges of bribery, resisting arrest and public intoxications.  Mind you, this all happened at 3:30 in the afternoon!!  I mean come on, if you can afford a new Corvette, you can afford the $20 being charged for spaces around town instead of bribing the Police!

Apparently with the NFL kickoff going on around the town close to the dome, parking spots were scarce at best, so he made his own and tried to make it work… with little success I might add.

His final last words?   "Here, why don’t you just let me leave it there for a little longer?"  Sorry man, even your Corvette can’t stay there!  So take note Vette owners, even you are not immune to the law!

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