Corvette Police Cars and Fire Response Vehicles

For some time, I have been attempting to collect photographs of Corvettes being used as public safety vehicles.  For the most part, it would have been easier to find a "Moose Crossing Sign" than a picture of America’s Sport Car is use for the safety of the public!

However, all is not lost!  I have two offerings for you today: one is a Corvette police car, and the other a Corvette fire department support vehicle.  Take a look past the jump, so we can provide large photos for your interest.


This photo shows a C5 Corvette based Bloomfield Hills, Michigan patrolman accosting the driver of a Merkur:

Next is a extremely fast response vehicle in the firefighting force of Dubai.  Click the photo for a direct link to a blog about it.

If you have photos of Corvettes pressed into service in other roles, please send us a digital photo, and all the interesting details!

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7 Responses to Corvette Police Cars and Fire Response Vehicles

  1. Joel Lau says:

    Oh mama, I wonder what the Merkur driver was thinking when he saw that beast of a police car in his rearview…

  2. George says:

    If you Google “DARE Cars” you will find several………….

  3. Quinn says:

    those corvettes are awsome

  4. alex says:

    that is dope

  5. robb h says:

    Outstanding! I would love a ride in this one, but just home, please.

  6. Naweed R. says:

    wow corvettes are my favorite car.I live in dubai but they still haven’t used the firefighting corvette yet. who has seen the ZR1?

  7. The corvettes are really very nice and the police officers must be feeling like stars when they chase criminals in such ultra-chic cars.

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