Optimism from the GM – UAW Agreement

In my opinion, no one in the Detroit media has a better grasp on what's really going in the business and political arenas than Daniel Howes of the Detroit News.  It doesn't matter whether it's GM - UAW negotiations, or the state of our state, his considerations are excellent.

On Thursday, Howes summarized what had just happened in the GM - UAW settlement in his column.  Since these developments affect our beloved Corvette, let me share some of his most poignant remarks:

"The chances are better today than they were Wednesday that the Detroit-based auto industry -- and Michigan -- will emerge stronger from the brutal recapitalization of the past few years.

"GM and the UAW are removing big obstacles to sustainable profitability in GM's largest single market

He quotes Sean McAlinden, chief economist of the Center for Automotive Research in Ann Arbor, who said, "It's transformational.  It's not all the way, but we're on our way.  It's an end to economic illiteracy.  It's proof to the country, if not the rest of the world, that there's a change of attitude in Detroit."

Howes continues, "They were, in short, expected to be prisoners of their own history -- forever.  GM and the UAW weren't supposed to arrive where they did at roughly 3 a.m. Wednesday, less than two days into the union's first national strike against GM in 37 years.

"And if they did reach an agreement to quickly end the strike, it wasn't supposed to be with a deal that appears to be bolder and more far-reaching than many expected because, well, they weren't capable of it.

"Yes, GM's painful, wrenching turnaround taking years to unfold is nevertheless unfolding -- and it's looking promising." 

Thanks, Daniel, for your encouraging words!

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