Corvette Parts & Service Impacted by Strike

Our complete coverage of the UAW strike against GM continues 24 hours a day.  We will keep all of our readers updated on the status of negotiations down the street here in Detroit.

The strike will have an impact for current Corvette owners in terms of Parts and Service availability.  Because of the strike, no parts are being delivered by GM, meaning that your Corvette may not be able to be repaired if the dealer repairing it cannot locate the part either in their inventory or in a local dealer’s parts inventory.  That said, they are working out a system right now for overnight orders to try and get those out to dealers as quickly as possible.

All GM dealers received a letter today from the VP of GM Service and Parts Operations, Doug Herberger.  To see all that was included in that letter, click the link below.

GM Dealer:

As you are aware by now, the UAW has decided to call a national strike, which impacts all GM facilities, including our Service and Parts Operations (SPO) processing centers and product distribution centers where we employ UAW members.

We understand that you are concerned about your ability to receive the parts needed to continue servicing your customers.  To that end, we are putting in place processes that will attempt to handle your overnight orders (OVN).  We are working with our carriers to ensure pick up and delivery of these products to your dealerships, wherever possible.

We are staying in close contact with our Labor team to monitor this situation.  We will communicate to you as quickly as possible any changes to the processes.

While we are disappointed with the UAW’s decision to strike, GM is fully committed to working with the UAW to develop solutions together to address the competitive challenges facing us today.

We appreciate your understanding and flexibility as we work through this situation. 


Doug Herberger
Vice President and General Manager
GM Service and Parts Operations

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