September Dealer Consensus Available Now

Chevy dealers all across the country have access today to their September Consensus.  For those who don’t know what Consensus is, it is the report that Chevy sends to their dealers showing their estimated shipments of vehicles they can order for the following month’s production period.

So what does that mean?  Basically it means that dealers know now how many Corvettes and Z06′s they have been initially allocated by GM.  The Corvettes and Z06‘s that are ordered for this consensus period will be produced October 15-November 18, 2007.

Dealers can always ask for additional Corvettes and Z06‘s for the next week, but it is rare that GM provides any additional units than what they initially allocate.  Consensus is open for dealers until next Friday at which time they must commit to their orders.  We then find out the following Wednesday what has been approved by GM. is set to have a great allocation of both 2008 Corvettes and 2008 Corvette Z06′s during this period.  If you are interested in purchasing or leasing a new Corvette – give us a call at (888) 875-0728 or post a comment (which will be kept private).  We are proud to offer delivery throughout the United States, at our Corvette Showroom in Detroit, or at the Corvette Museum.

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