National Corvette Restorers Society Update

Would it not be a great thing if there were a resource for everyone seeking to restore a Corvette?  What if there were written materials with technical information to help rebuild a vehicle to the highest standards of excellence?

We know that there are Corvette enthusiasts who are geniuses in terms of making all the correct decisions relative to transforming a "barn find" into a beauty from the past.  We see the evidence at Bloomington GoldCorvettes at Carlisle, and National Corvette Homecoming, or at any of dozens of other judged shows.  Wouldn't it be marvelous if these folks would share their cumulative thousands of years of experience with the newbies?

Well, of course, I am setting you up for the good news that this is exactly what the National Corvette Restorers Society does!  If you are in the process of restoration -- or if you are contemplating purchase of an older Corvette (1953-1993) -- talk to these people immediately!

I spent quite a bit of time at the N.C.R.S. booth at the Bob McDorman 34th Annual Corvette and Classic Chevy Show, and learned so much I will have to share it with you over the course of several blogs.  Please check out their resources.

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3 Responses to National Corvette Restorers Society Update

  1. Larry Lipsitz says:

    Can anyone help me find an off road exhaust for my 65 396ci Corvette? The part # is 3845735. Thanks

  2. chad miller says:

    Are Stingray emblems supposed to be on a 1971 Corvette? What are the factory knobs under the steering column?

  3. Steve says:

    I have a 69 Vette that I picked up last Aug. My Question is: how do I find out the proper #’s for the rear end and other parts? I am a little confused on the expression “#’s matching”. What has to match to claim this for my Vette? I have found that my engine and trans match, but I have no other infomation. Can someone help me? If so, please contact me at or call at 616.754. 7484. Thanks for reading, Steve (MI).

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