Mike Yager’s Corvette Bible

If you have a nose for Corvette related literature, you are already well aware of the newly published Mike Yager’s Corvette Bible.  In fact, I’ve even seen the book blogged elsewhere myself.  Details on the book follow after the jump.

I wanted to save my blog on the book until I had a photo I knew I would be proud to show off (also after the jump).  Mike Yager himself was kind enough to autograph my copy:

To Mr. Corvette Blog
Thanks for your support of the Corvette hobby!
Hugs, Mike Yager

All I can say is that "supporting the Corvette hobby" is a ton of fun!

This photo-filled 304 page compendium of Corvette information provides year-by-year specifications and buying tips.  I particularly like the "Mike Yager says" column for each year.  Mike summarizes the "Cheers" and "Jeers" for each of the years, and then provides a "game plan’.  The idea is to provide an owner or prospective owner a suggested plan of action for the car in consideration.  This is highly recommended.

Prospective buyers would be well advised to read the appropriate material in this book, and then consult Keith Martin’s Corvette Market magazine for assistance in determining pricing as it should be.

My autographed title page:

Mike autographing another Corvette Funfest attender’s book:

(By the way, Mike, I found numbers, but I couldn’t find Leviticus!)


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