C7 Corvette to begin with 2012 Model Year

In the process of hammering out the new GM - UAW agreement, finalized last week, GM revealed production expectations for its many assembly plants, including Corvette's Bowling Green.  I first noticed this in Scott Burgess' column Saturday in the Detroit News

Contrary to previous leaks that the first year of the C7 Corvette would be 2011, documents released during negotiations show it as a 2012.  As a result, we are altering our CorvetteBlog Topic Category to reflect this understanding.

As a reminder, the next blow-them-away, over-the-top Corvette revelation should occur at the North American International Auto Show, AKA Detroit Auto Show, when the wraps come off the 2009 Corvette ZR1

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6 Responses to C7 Corvette to begin with 2012 Model Year

  1. cody says:

    You guys screwed up on the 2012! It looks too much like a DB9! Stay with the C6; you did a good job with that!

  2. Bill says:

    Don’t worry too much about it yet. Again, this is mostly speculation. Over the years (five decades personally), I’ve seen things change alot between Motor Trend’s prognostications and reality.

  3. shahin says:

    I love it! If it is going to look like the Motor Trand cover, I love it! I own an ’08 coup. It has been a love hate relationship! Problems problems problems! But I still love the car. I had problems with the a leaking transmission coolant line to parts hard to find! I had problems with noisy breaks to squicky roof panel. I have problems with driver side seat, where it could not support my 250 pound weight and as the result the side of the sieat simply exploded! I just want to seat with the chief of corvette division and ask him one question. WHAT IS THE MATTER WIHT YOU! YOU HAVE ALL THE TOOLS IN THE WORLD TO DO IT RIGHT BUT YOU DID IT WORNG! I PAID $60,000 FOR THIS CAR AND YET YOU GUYS DID THE FUNDEMENTALS WRONG! Anyhow, the new C7 looks right and the front is very sexy. Finaly got rid of those useless fog lights! Anyhow, I will buy it when you have it available. Remmeber, stick with power!

  4. Carol Dubé says:

    Bonjour,allez-vous enfin rendre possible l’achat d’une Corvette ou d’un Camaro je veut bien dire les modeles les plus PUISSANT = AUTOMATIQUE !!! ceux qui ont la capacité de payer c’est ca qu’il veules, MERCI , en est a sa 15 ieme Camaro,votre humble serviteur..

  5. Raul Trice says:

    I am impressed with this web site, really I am a big fan.

  6. JP says:

    Like i said in a previous post. (If the C7 Corvette has Camero tail lights I am not buying! JP.) I’m not going to buy a corvette if the back of it looks like a camero. I AM SURE I AM NOT ALONE ON THIS. JP.

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