Motor Trend Publishes Major Insights on 2012 C7 Corvette

Groundbreaking insights on the 2012 C7 Corvette have just been published in the November issue of Motor Trend.  Sneak peeks of the article are not available on-line at MT’s website, but all the information is right here at CorvetteBlog!

Read the article past the jump, but by all means, buy a copy of this magazine for full enjoyment.

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13 Responses to Motor Trend Publishes Major Insights on 2012 C7 Corvette

  1. Bob Mitchell says:

    A rear engine ‘Vette is insane. It would be another Porsche wannabe. I’ve owned 3 Corvettes. Just keep improving the format and the interior. They have done a great job so far, so don’t screw with history.

  2. Stewart Gray says:

    I think Chevrolet should build an All Wheel Drive Corvette which will give better traction, plus be cheaper versus a Mid-Engine; and continue improvment on interior and transmission.

  3. Stewart Gray says:

    I hope that if the Corvette stays with the front engine, they would do something different, like have a see-through hood (if only to show off the intake) and then add at least 725 HP to the new engine.

  4. Stewart Gray says:

    Everything I see in the Corvette Manifesto looks excellent, especially the Light Blue Corvette. Stay with that style! Ten spoke rims! If that car was on the market today, it would sell like crazy!

  5. Stewart Gray says:

    I hope the tires and rims will be bigger than those of the ZO6 Corvette.

  6. Stewart Gray says:

    I Think Chevrolet Should Stay With The Manual Transmission. I Beleive GM Would Lose Sales With And Automatic Transmission.Plus I Beleive The Majority Would Agree With The Six Speed Manual Transmission.

  7. Stewart Gray says:

    The Only Thing I See About The Corvette Manifesto Is That The Front End Is Still Basically The Same As The Present One.I Think That It Should Be A Totally Different Front End.

  8. Stewart Gray says:

    If A Dual Clutch Automatic Transmission Could Get You A 2-3 Second Score Quicker. Human Nature Would Say I Still Rather Have The Six Speed Manual. People Like Going Through Gears The Natural Way Especially In A Super Sports Car Like The Corvette. With Technology Steady Evolving Hopefully There Will Be A New Improve Six Speed Manual For The Next C-7

  9. Daniel Gartavel says:

    why do they try to make it more fancy, why not take the old ones and new ones together to make a better one.

  10. Nathan Mosely says:

    They shouldn’t go copying the world to sell better in europe. It should stay front-engine V8, rear-wheel drive, all american like it predecessors. Mid-engine? All-wheel drive? Come on! If I wanted that I’ll buy a Evo, Audi, Ferrari, or Porsche. Leave the basics alone and stick with improving the car, like interior and gas mileage while keeping its performance up. I want to see a C7-R beat Aston Martin again at Le Mans.

  11. JMLBMW says:

    Hopefully, Chevy and GM will finally put an upgraded interior in the new C7! They got the HP right along with the exterior, but the cheap seats and plastic interior do not befit a $109,000. ZR1… or any Corvette for that matter! Even Cadillac offers a Recaro Seat package and a really nice interior! Come on GM… fix the Corvette! Make it World Class!

  12. Klaus Haffke says:

    A word to the designers: Build the C7 as shown in many pictures:This wonderful mixture of Stingray ( splitwindow), Cokebottle and nowerdays´ design! Including the interior design!Even Europe is waiting for a new Vette which has dropped the boring and conservative design (Volkswagen- Design:hndsome and without any emotion) of the actual model. The design of the C7 must arouse emotions ,and the interior must not remind of an Asiatic lowprizer.

  13. michael says:

    I think the c6 is by far the greatest vette im only 25 and i love the way it looks and its stance the c7 should focus on interior design that attracts my generaion along with our love for technology

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