Exhaust System Dials Down Drone on Corvettes

If the sound of your Corvette is important to you, and if you would appreciate a few more ponies, you might want to consider what is generally known as a "cat-back" exhaust system.  Not only does such a system increase power, but it enhances the way the vehicle sounds — or in the case of the newest systems from Corsa Performance, the way it doesn’t sound.

Corsa has been doing exhaust enhancement for Corvette since 1998, and their patented Reflective Sound Canceling (RSC) technology has been welcomed by many Corvette enthusiasts.  Corsa shows up at all of the big Corvette shows (like Bloomington Gold, Corvettes at Carlisle, Corvette Funfest) to demonstrate the improvements and to do installations on the spot.

Larry Edsall’s report on the Corsa system is covered in yesterday Detroit News, but the best source of additional information would be Corsa Performance itself.

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