OnStar Turns Up Heat On Thieves in 2009

CorvetteBlog was honored to be selected recently to receive advance notification of a great new OnStar feature coming to many OnStar equipped Chevrolets in 2009: Stolen Vehicle Slowdown!  OnStar has relentlessly progressed from the early days when about all you could do was report an accident.

Generation 8 OnStar will enable responding emergency entities (like the state police) to actually remotely deactivate fuel to the powertrain, and force a thief to slow down.  Functionally, it is exactly as though the accelerator has been disconnected.  Steering and braking systems are not affected.  The thief is forced to pull over, and unable to propel the vehicle away from the pursuers!

We've driven it.  We've seen it.  It really works!

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2 Responses to OnStar Turns Up Heat On Thieves in 2009

  1. mike says:

    What if the vehicle is not stolen and they shut it down!!!!

    • Rob says:

      Has that ever actually happened in real life?…..NO!

      You’re confusing reality with Movies and Television. How about we stick to reality and stop with these paranoid conspiracies?

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