If Corvette Should Be Like Porsche,What About An SUV?

Just last week, CorvetteBlog brought your attention to a significant article in Motor Trend magazine (not on-line at the time) about possible future Corvettes.  MT is now on-line.

Motor Trend suggested using Porsche as a pattern, so that Corvette would develop three models in the years ahead.  The idea is that the base Corvette would be patterned after the Carrera 2 Coupe and Convertible.  The Z06 would be patterned after the GT3, GT3 RS, and GT2.  The highest performance Z07/SS/ZR1 variant would be derived from the 911 Turbo.

The more I considered it, though: why stop there?  Porsche has a fantastic performance SUV, the Cayenne, named after a hot pepper, so why not an American based hot SUV for the Corvette family, too?  So, what do you think, Motor Trend?

[ Motor Trend ]

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