Route 66 DVD Hits Stores with Corvette Extras

Good old Route 66 has hit DVD.  That’s right folks, you can travel along with Buz Murdock and Tod Stiles and relive it all.

I enjoyed Brian O’Neill’s review from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.  While he doesn’t give the DVD 4 stars, he still points out what our readers will really enjoy…

"Though you’ll dig the Corvette convertible that zips through the United States circa 1960, you may wonder why these guys liked the road when so many of their stops put them amid crazies and thugs. Of course, it could be the beautiful women they rescue from various degrees of peril at every stop. Look for a young Suzanne Pleshette, among others."

Either way, the DVD is available now, and has some fun extras that include a bunch of still shots that show the evolution of the Corvette, something we all can enjoy.

The DVD series is available now and retails for $29.98.

[ Pittsburgh Post-Gazette ]

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