2008 Corvette Recall Announced

GM has announced a recall for certain 2008 Corvettes.  On certain 2008 models, the keyless access system may become inoperative at times.  The doors may not automatically lock or unlock, and the vehicle may not start.  The Driver Information Center (DIC) will also display a "No Fobs Detected" message.

If this occurs to you, you can lock or unlock the doors by pushing the buttons on the keyless access transmitter.  The vehicle can be started by placing the transmitter in the glove box transmitter pocket with the buttons facing towards the passenger’s side.  Then, with the vehicle in Park for an Automatic, press the brake pedal and the vehicle start button.  If you have a manual transmission, press the clutch and start button.

The following VIN breaks (last 8 of the VIN) are affected:  85105302 to 85106987.

Schedule a repair with your dealer, do not just take your vehicle in – just in case they do not have the part available for your repair, because this will not be a quick repair.  GM is estimating that it will take over an hour to repair the Remote Control Door Lock Receiver (RCDLR) which is what is at fault.

If you have any questions, please contact your dealer or us at CorvetteBlog.

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34 Responses to 2008 Corvette Recall Announced

  1. Vince MISTRETTA says:

    Very good news? Now i’ts time to act on headlamp covers’ crazing & fogging. “Hello, GM?”

  2. Marion Garsten says:

    I have a 2006 Corvette Carrier TOY 13th in the series of serialized collectors Edition, GM licensed product. Does anyone know if they have been recalled due to lead paint? I can not find any info online. Thank you.

  3. Bill says:

    CorvetteBlog has no special info on toy recalls. We would recommend searching under “toy recalls” and/or checking on the manufacturer’s website.

  4. Al says:

    I have an 08 coupe. Took on highway for first time (just turned 500 Miles). When on highway, there is a sound like something flapping in the wind coming from directly in front of passenger, inside, upper part of dash. Removed a/c filter from engine compartment, but still does. Now occasionally at speeds of 50 or so, it happens. Anybody have same, or ideas?? We all know it will never happen when in for servicing..

    • Melody says:

      We had the same problem with our 08 vette my husband took off the plastic piece behind the windshield wipers and drove the car around no noise when it was off. So he cleaned it and the windshield and put it back together and the noise went away.

    • toyohiko hirami says:

      I have the same problem my 2008 Corvette only have 55000 miles and it started flapping about a year after I bought it and the mechanic told me that it’s coming from removeable roof what a lie!!! When I hit the dash hard sometimes it goes away for a few minutes and it comes back. I wish some one can tell me how to fix it.

      • Don Bradford says:

        my did the same thing. it was the windshild bezel that covers the windsheild wiper cowl. i went a long trying to find it. finally taped it done and it woeked. just have find a way to permantly fasten

  5. Bill says:

    CorvetteBlog recommends that you present your question to http://www.corvetteactioncenter.com or http://www.corvetteforum.com.

  6. Marc says:

    I have 800 miles on my 2008 Vette, and this has happened to me once. However, my VIN is not listed above. ???

  7. L.Grahame says:

    I have a 2009 convertible with the GPS/NAV and single disk player. The MP3 player does not read all of the files on MP3 disk made using iTunes, as suggested by the dealer. I have tried other file burning programs with the same result. The dealer has never heard of such a problem. Anyone else had this issue? But more importantly, does anyone know if this can be fixed so the player will read all files? The same disks play with no problems in my Lincoln MKZ.

  8. peter says:

    try burning with nero iso9660only settings…. It works for me… Too picky for such an expensive option! My opinion

  9. mark says:

    My 2008 corvette at 38000 mi. The service ABS and traction handling is flashing. ABS picture on the tack stays on. Traction button will not function or give reading.I just had the 35000 service check done. Any ideas before I turn it over to the dealer.

  10. Rob Powell says:

    Has anyone had problems with excessive tire wear. I don’t race, really baby the car. No hard maneuvering. At 13,000 mile my front tires are worn out!

  11. Ellery Ike Oicle says:

    I have a 2008-Z51. My passengers window would jump up/down and not seal itself. I was told that my window motor was shot. NOT so, went to my GM dealer this am and they reprogramed the window and it works great. Just think this is import, Halifax,Nova Scotia,Canada

  12. jerry f says:

    rob powell i have the same problem 16,000 miles and front tires are worn more than rear tires

  13. Kim wilson says:

    I’m having the same problem. Has there been a recall on the tires?

  14. Lance says:

    I am at 17k miles, and my front tires are down to the steel. This has been like this for a while, I just never noticed. There should be a recall on these. I am calling the dealer this morning to insist on warranty coverage. (defective tires). You don’t spend $60k on a car and get 14k out of the tires!!

  15. Bill Connell says:

    We would be curious to know how you knew the tires were like that, if you “just never noticed”?

  16. Don C says:

    Had the same tire mileage problem with my 2008 C6 Coupe. Only got 16,000 on the front tires. Replaced the Goodyears with the Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 RunFlats. Rides even better than the Goodyears, and I have a warranty of 22,000 miles.

  17. Mr. Ken Thomas says:

    My (RCDLR) is doing the same thing, but my VIN# last 8 digits are (85129862)! Am I eligible for this recall? Someone please help me.

  18. Brown says:

    Some times my 2008 vet says no fob detected and won’t start the next time. it will start after I release the start button after a couple of seconds. i have been to 3 different dealers but they say there is no code, so they won’t do anything. 7000 miles and it scares me to go any place because it won’t start all the time. Dave

  19. Hugh says:

    I had problems “no fob detected” I replaced the batteries in the Key Fobs and that fixed the problem… As for the tires.. I had to replace mine at 19,000. Costco told me that it was normal for the type of tire and Vette’s. I replaced them with Michelin’s and they seem to be quieter. Costco fills the tires with Nitrogen, which I highly recommend… The tire pressure remains constant. I have not seen the low pressure warning in a year and I think it it helps with the ride.

  20. tom schulz says:

    When cold I have a rattle or minimise in rtf rear once car in warm it is quiet took it in had all sway bars replaced still does it any ideas

  21. Jim Harris says:

    I have a 07 C6 and driver door won’t open when its cold…replaced fob battery about 2 months ago… and also replaced the door module 1 month ago. Can there be something else wrong?

  22. zack morgan says:

    Having the same problem outta my 08 with the door not wanting to open when its cold got new battery in fob any suggestions

  23. bobby hale says:

    The dealership added a wire per recall and now my battery will not stay charged. this was not happening befor the wire was added.I had to use the key just to open the hood. Any word ?

  24. Bob says:

    As for the ‘No FOB Detected’ issue. I was having that problem with my 2008 and discovered that I was getting RF interference from something around my home. I removed the piece of equipment and problem gone. I sometimes have the problem at work, but discovered that I park next to the office where they program cell phones! Occasionally I have the problem other places, but I’m guessing there’s some RF in those areas too.

  25. Aaron davis says:

    I have a 2006 z06 that just started doing exactly as described in the 2008 recall just today

  26. Rupert Nation says:

    My 08 ZHZ Corvette is having a very intermitant no start, no crank condition. I have replaced the battery first, thinking it mat have some concerns as it was the original battery. I thought I had the problem cured until it stranded me again. I had it towed to the local Chevrolet dealer, they charged me $100 and told me there was nothing wrong and they had no answer to the concern. I then replaced the crank relay, as I was told that may be the answer. Nope!! It stranded me again. After it sits for awhile, any where from 1 to 5 hours, it starts. I replaced the Body control module and had Chevrolet re flash the module, another $100, and thought I had finally stopped the problem, Nope!!! It stranded me again yesterday for 5 hours before it finally decided to start.
    I love my Corvette but at this point I’m ready to run it off a cliff. Please help. I am not the only owner with this concern. What is the answer?????

  27. Tom Gillen says:

    I have a 2008 Corvette with just 4700 miles (yes 4700). The problem that I am having goes as follows. First, I will say that the battery is new (3 months) and I keep a trickle charger on it while being parked. I can take the car out for a drive (charger shows full charge) and bring it home, hook up the trickle charger and it show 69% charged. Will completely recharge in less that an hour. Apparently something is discharging while the engine is running. Any ideas?

  28. Harmon D. Biehl says:

    I have owned a 2008 Corvette for almost 10 years and I have had nothing but fob problems all the time with my car. I am ready to figure out how to get a generic computer and hard wire the starter to a switch on the dash. GM id full of it if they say only a few 2008 corvette z06′s were affected. That is all facts and true.
    They want to charge me a couple hundred dollars to fix it every time.
    Bullhocky. I am trying to buy the cpp to fix it myself. car sits in garage unable to drive it today.
    Nothing the book says works nothing the forum says works and everyone had some voodoo reason WHY IT DOWESNT WORK. I replaced it all. The system is crap. period.

  29. Harmon D. Biehl says:

    car sits in my garage. I have 18,000 dollars worth of add ons to it or I would dump it.

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