Rare 2008 Corvette 4LT Coupe Available for Purchase

If you have been following the 2008 Corvette constraints issue, you know that very few top-of-the-line 4LT trimmed Corvettes have been built.  Constraints are restrictions from the factory on certain equipment.

CorvetteBlog‘s parent dealership has acquired for immediate purchase one of these sweet 4LT CoupesGM Employee Discount and GM Supplier for Friends Discount pricing will be honored.  In fact, if you do not qualify for either of these discounts, CorvetteBlog readers will be entitled to the Supplier Discount anyway!  Just ask!

You can write a comment to this blog, or call 888-875-0728 for immediate attention.  We will keep your inquiry private.  Several photographs and the vehicle description follow the jump:

The vehicle’s description:

2008 Corvette 4LT Coupe
Machine Silver Metallic
Sienna / Ebony Interior

Stock Number QC0207
MSRP: $61,590

Dual Roof Package
Magnetic Selective Ride Control
6.2L 436 HP Engine
6 Speed Paddle Shift Automatic
Dual Mode Exhaust
AM/FM/CD/Navigation Radio
Head-Up Display
Heated Seats
Memory Package
Universal Home Remote
Side Impact Airbags

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4 Responses to Rare 2008 Corvette 4LT Coupe Available for Purchase

  1. Steve Ancer says:

    When will the 4LT option be available?

  2. Bill says:

    The 4LT Option is now totally available. This car is still available, and 4LT’s can be ordered to the buyer’s specifications. There is no longer a shortage of two-toned leather.

  3. Steve R says:

    I have a new 2008 Convertible with the 4LT interior Ebony/Linen The door panels Linen inserts are stained in exactly the same spots on each door. (at the bottom of the point) The dealer stated something was spilled on them (Kinda hard to do it on both doors) and the region rep would be the final voice on replacement. Was wondering if anyone had similiar problems, It looks like it is bleeding from the underside. possibly glue? Any Ideas? Thanks Steve

  4. Kris O'Brien says:

    im 17 and am planning a trip across america in a corvette for my 21st for a couple of months, what corvette do you advise me to save for? being that money is no problem :)

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