John Zandy’s Corvette is a Dandy

The Celebrity Choice Awards are a fun feature of Mid America Motorworks‘ annual Corvette FunfestCorvette factory personalities and media representatives present at the event individually review the Corvettes at the show, and then select a Corvette that "speaks" to them.  As a result, there are cars from all the generations, in everything from stock to customized form.

One of the Celebrity Choice cars that I was impressed with was owned by John Zandy of Manteno, Illinois.  John calls it a 1978 Corvette Greenwood, after a body design of John Greenwood.  What really sets this car apart is the flourishes added by its owner.  I have dubbed John the "master of creative solutions".


One really needs a close look at the car to understand what I’m really saying.  The closer you look, the more you see intersting things.  John uses materials from all sorts of places to enhance the appearance or improve the operation of his Vette.  For example, he has appropriated chimney flashing, sheet aluminum, hand-cut vinyl, and even parts from Asian autos.  He’s definitely not all about OEM!

As it sits, this heavily customized Corvette turns heads, and gives John and his wife a lot to talk about!

[ Mid America Motorworks ]

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5 Responses to John Zandy’s Corvette is a Dandy

  1. Shaniqua says:

    man if this car go on for sale i would buy it. my son Banga says it looks like his matchbox sticker car. to mines it looks like something out of speed racer on crack. all dis for shizzle needs is a couple of brothas drivin this! Jesse Jackson and Farakhan needs to buy this! i hopes to see more of this bad motha, you bad John you bad. Oh and tell your wifes son Bill and both your guys son Jeff Shaniqua says hey hey.

  2. Jamal says:

    Uh ya’ll made a nice vette turn into a kids stickerbook and I bet that all you got under the hood is a little tykes toy plastic fake motor. If had to pick a 1984 chevy chevette or this pile i’d pick the chevette.

  3. bob mitchel says:

    well to be honest with you this car looked 100 times better in 2002, im just curious, why all the stickers? Leave it all black, maybe the paint job is cracking since it is a fiberglass body, but then get it redone dont put a bunch of bandaids on it! it looks like something out of a cyborg movie. hope to see it back to its original way soon, still a nice car nevertheless.

  4. michael angelo says:

    its like that song by johnny cash one piece at a time. nice car but i guess im not into that whole ultra customization of a car using sled parts, pizza pans, shop vac hoses, stickers, chimney logs etc. it would look good all black or maybe a metallic green. anyway good luck.

  5. Terry O. says:

    I was at the Funfest in 07 and saw this car there. Although it’s not the way I would have done it I have to say this is one of the coolest creations I’ve ever seen done to a Corvette in the name of “Owner’s Choice”. After all…mine was in the parking lot collecting dust while this one was being admired by a very quallified ‘Celebrity Judge’ by the name of Mr. George Barris. Cheers to freedom and individualism.
    Terry O.
    Lafayette, LA.

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