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I just received a call from a CorvetteBlog reader who inquired as to where to rent a Corvette.  It occurred to me that since I get this question about once a year, and since I know the answer, I should probably write my answer for others who didn't think to ask it (yet anyway).

Reasons to rent a Corvette are many:

a special car for a special birthday or anniversary

a special car to drive in the Woodward Dream Cruise or to another Corvette venue like America's Corvette Show, Corvettes at Carlisle, Corvette Funfest, or Bloomington Gold

a vehicle to rent for an extended 'test drive' to check out Corvette equipment, and think through which options would work best on the car one intends to buy

In Michigan, there is only one company that provides this service: Classic Auto Rentals in Birmingham.  By the way, they also have pre-owned Corvettes for sale.  Their phone is 248.258.6560.

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  1. Try Places like Image Rent A Car in New York, New Jersey & Florida. Will Deliver 300 Miles away. Call 1-888-718-0001 or visit

  2. Matt says:

    Try this place in New York City & Miami Florida Corvette Rentals

  3. Kent says:

    Hertz also has corvettes for rental

  4. Nora says:

    I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada. Can I still get someone to rent from? Please it is for my Wedding May 14, 2011! What is the price?

  5. Ed says:

    Where can I rent a 1959 Corvette?

  6. Dennis says:

    Where can I rent a 1957-1961 red corvette convertible in the LA/Malibu area?

  7. Cory Russell says:

    I would like to rent a 1962 corvette in LA on 5/4/14 can anyone tell me where I can rent this car?

  8. Neal Adams says:

    I want to rent a corvette stingray for a week in July. I want to drive from Detroit to Atlanta fora family reunion and so far no success. Detroit is not a good location to rent a luxury car. Hertz or enterprise does not rent corvettes from Detroit. Please send all pertinent data for me to drive my dream for a week.

  9. Al Marcos says:

    Hello, I live in San Jose, ca. My daughter is getting married 3/10/18 and I want to find where I can rent a 1959 corvette to bring her to her wedding. Any information would be deeply appreciated. Thank you,

    Al Marcos

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