Winter Storage for Your Brand New Corvette

Many Corvette owners diligently work to protect their love, whether it be Coupe, Convertible, or Z06, from ever being rained on, or (perish the thought) snowed on!

Yet, countless Corvette dealers in the United States make no effort to protect the cars in their inventory from wind, rain, sleet, and snow.  Does this not seem outrageous?

The parent company of CorvetteBlog (George Matick Chevrolet) not only protects its inventory from the ravages of weather by keeping all Corvettes, new and used, indoors, they also offer a unique service to those purchasing a new Corvette.

Call it nothing fancier than Corvette Storage, but consider the advantages if you buy or lease a new Corvette from George Matick Chevrolet:

Your Corvette is received from Chevrolet’s transport truck by one man, who also preps your car, and delivers it to our indoor showroom (the largest in Michigan).  The picture below shows the showroom  several years ago just prior to release of the C6 Corvette.

After you complete your purchase, your vehicle is covered (with an optional cost car cover, or one you provide), and parked indoors until whenever you choose to take your car home (as late in the spring as early April 2008).

At your request, your car will be started once a week all through the winter, or if you prefer, the battery can be disconnected.

By offering such a service, the car buyer has the ability to take advantage of the rare deeply discounted price on 2007 Coupes and Convertibles currently being offered, even if the buyer would prefer to not drive the car until spring weather returns.  Matick provides the best of both worlds!

For additional information, comment on this blog.  Private inquiries will be kept private.

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2 Responses to Winter Storage for Your Brand New Corvette

  1. Shane Watson says:

    Corvette is very nice car… i also had corvette.

  2. chris onski says:

    can i winter store my car without removing the tires

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