Chevy’s 2008 Year in Country Music Calendar

Phil Vassar and a Z06Chevy always associates itself with big name events.  The next event they will sponsor is the CMA’s (Country Music Awards) on November 7th.

As part of the promotion for the event, and for Chevies in general, they are distributing over 3 million calendars in such publications as People, Country Weekly, CMA Close Up, NASCAR Illustrated and Progressive Farmer.  Fans will also be able to download the calendar online with behind the scenes photos.

The highlight in our opinion is Phil Vassar posing with a 2008 Velocity Yellow Corvette Z06 in front of an old gas station.  He has a new album coming out with a song called "My Chevrolet."  With that kind of song, of course he’d get the photo with the hottest car Chevy makes!

Check out the calendar in your favorite magazine or download it online at Chevy Nation.

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  1. susie says:

    That old gas station is in Cowan, Tennessee.

    The building was built over 89 years ago, and they have an incredible railroad museum to boot.

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