Corvette C6RS Likely to be Built by Pratt & Miller

Autoblog broke the story Thursday that it appears that the C6RS Corvette revealed at the SEMA show this week will, indeed, be produced by Pratt & Miller.  Look for a pricetag just under $200,000 plus donor car.

[ Pratt & Miller ]

Jay Leno is pictured near the car he helped bring to SEMA.

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  1. Joel says:

    I think this is an extraordinary car. After looking at the specs on the P&M website, I have to say, bravo. This seems like a big step up from the fiery factory Z06, from 500hp to 600hp. I hope this won’t overshadow the new Corvette ZR-1 soon to be released.

    It is unfortunate however, that it uses normal fuel and not E85 in Leno’s car. Really could’ve showed those Golfs and Prius’s whos boss.

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