Pricing Announcement on Corvette Ultimate Packages

On November 13, we blogged about two exciting new Corvette option packages to be revealed soon.  Today we have pricing!

GCA Ultimate Package A, with the Option Code VPK, consists of:

  • Screen Mesh Package (side covers, exhaust plate, grille)
  • Body Color Rear License Plate Frame
  • Underhood Blanket with Logo and Lamp
  • Vehicle Cover
  • Accessory Spoiler
  • Accessory Door Handles

Though listed on the vehicle invoice (and Monroney sticker), these items are dealer installed, and have an installed retail price of $2095.

GCA Ultimate Package B, with the Option Code VPL, consists of:

  • all of the above
  • Graphics Package (Choice of three different)
  • 15 Spoke Polished Wheels

The retail price is $5475.

If you would like to order a new 2008 with this great equipment, serious discounting on new Corvettes is available through our parent Chevrolet franchise.  Give us a call at 1.888.875.0728 or leave a private comment below.

Now we’re waiting for photographs!

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