National Corvette Museum Delivery Experience: the Bob Parrin Story

This CorvetteBlog is a special treat, for it is written by another of the Completely Satisfied Corvette customers to buy through our parent company, George Matick Chevrolet, and also participate in the National Corvette Museum Delivery program.

The words of Bob and Kitty Parrin of Indiana when they took delivery of their new Crystal Red Metallic 2008 Corvette Convertible in October:

Back to the future.  That pretty much describes our trip to Bowling Green for the delivery of our 2008 C6 Convertible.

Yes, it felt like the 1960’s all the way around, but in 21st century style.  Back to a time when cars were fun and exciting.  Think Mini Coopers and mid-year Corvettes.  Cars of my dreams.  Fortunately automakers have given us modern versions of these classics.

We made the trek to BG in my wife’s ’06 Mini Cooper S.  If any of you haven’t driven one, I highly recommend it.  You can’t drive the thing without it putting a smile on your face.  Her Mini is the 6 speed manual supercharged version that is as advertised, the world’s biggest go kart.

It got us there in time for our 11:15AM delivery appointment.  We were forewarned that we should have a meal beforehand as the day’s events wouldn’t leave time for things like eating.  So we pulled into the Wendy’s at the I-65 exit ramp for a quick burger.  This is where our Corvette experience started. This Wendy’s has two reserved parking spots near the door for Corvettes only.  And inside it is decorated with ‘Vette wallpaper and memorabilia on the walls.  Let the fun begin!

Leaving the restaurant we had a choice of roads.  Should we go right?  Left?  Across the street? The answer came seconds later when four new Corvettes caravanned down the street on our left.  Left it was.

We arrived at the museum where we met Carroll Lehman, our host for the day.  He was great, and even knew the option details of our C6.  The first stop was the Bowling Green Assembly Plant.  Over the entrance was a sign with a personal welcome with our names in bright lights.  We then had a private tour of just about every stage of Corvette assembly except paint.  We met a few of the employees working the line.  One of the guys said he remembered assembling my car and he made sure everything was just right.  That was a complete dramatization of course, but I still believed him.

The last stop on the tour, the end of the assembly line, was the first time the car touched the ground.  Just as the wheels touched down, back tires first like an F16, I was invited to fire up the car for the first time.  And I was then presented with a Birth Certificate.

Having been engrossed in Corvettes (or at least parts of Corvettes) for several hours, it was time for our “delivery”.  We returned to the Museum and headed for the “Corvette Nursery”.  There, on display, was our new baby.  After seeing so many Corvettes in various stages of completion, our complete C6 sort of popped out at us. Kind of surreal.

After spending some time with inspection, orientation, instruction, etc. it was time to pull the car outside.  Now this is the part they don’t tell you about.  Driving the car through the corridors of the museum was tight, even for a Corvette.  Fortunately Carroll drove it out so I just kept my eyes closed.  Looking at the walls it didn’t appear they have scratched a C6 yet.

Then it was photo op time outside.  Our only regret is that by the time we finished it was closing time at the Museum.  That was a fast afternoon!  But at least missing the Museum gives us an excuse to make another trip to BG.

As we anticipated finishing up too late to make the trip home, we had reserved a room at a local B&B, Victorian House, in Smiths Grove.  A nice place, but it got even nicer.  First, there was the 10% discount for Corvette owners.  More importantly, the owners, Dave and Sharon Dahle, went beyond the call of duty.  The weather in the area was deteriorating rapidly.  In fact, there were reports of tornadoes and hail to the west of Bowling Green.  Seeing the look of fear on my face concerning the weather, Dave and Sharon offered to pull one of their cars out of the garage and let me use the space.  I promptly accepted and slept well that night.  Great people!

The next day was the drive home.  They tell you to vary the speed and keep the revs low while staying under 55 MPH for the first 500 miles.  Yeah,right.  That’s torture but I pretty much stuck to it.  So there I was.  Top down, Beach Boys playing, being 17 years old all over again.

If you are looking to add another dimension to your Corvette ownership, I highly recommend NCM delivery.  It’s worth every penny.

By the way, I want to thank Ryan Esler and Bill Connell of George Matick Chevrolet for a very professional job helping me acquire the C6.  In fact, due to my travel schedule and against all odds, Bill got the delivery paperwork to NCM about 30 minutes before I arrived. Thanks again, guys.

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2 Responses to National Corvette Museum Delivery Experience: the Bob Parrin Story

  1. Gary says:

    Question: I am trying to find some info on an item I came across; a very old pair of snow skiis that appear to be an official Corvette item because of the logo on them. Do you know anything about this? or who I can contact to find out? Would you like to see a picture of what I’m talking about?

  2. carl lupoli says:

    I have recently purchased a 2007 LT1 Vette. When purchasing this vehicle, I was careful to find all the flaws, and the dealer was great fixing all. 1000 miles and 3 weeks after owning this fine car, I noticed that the back side of the driver’s seat was worn beyond belief. It was not that way when the car was purchased. My dealer’s service writer said, “No problem. It should not have happened.” Well, GM said it is normal wear and tear. Are we suppose to buy new interiors every 10000 miles or 2
    years? The GM specialist was also rude and curt as if to say, “What do you expect?” I love my Vette, but it is the last one. I’ve have owned nothing but GM products for the last 46yrs. I also presently have an 04 Caddy and the seats are perfect with 80000 miles on it. The LT1 seat is nothing but a CHEAP seat cover with a zipper in the back. I will be on the caravan in 09 and whenever and wherever I can express my total disgust with GM, I will. I will post comments anywhere I can. Thanks, Carl

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