Tim the Toolman’s Corvette Z06 Sells for Just $60,000!

According to eBay Motors, Tim Allen has sold his 2006 Corvette Z06 with just 3256 miles on the odometer for a Buy It Now Price of just $60,000.  I'm sure that baby could have been auctioned for more at one of the big national auctions.  Don't you think?

A large number of photos of the car are available on the eBay Motors listing.

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3 Responses to Tim the Toolman’s Corvette Z06 Sells for Just $60,000!

  1. <ike Glines says:

    I just got a ’08 Z 06.
    Friends tell me that the Mustange GT 500 Shelby will blow it away! Is that true?
    This is my first Corvette and I love this car!
    Mike Glines

  2. angel thorning says:

    i love your car tim

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