2009 ZR1 Priced at $100,000?

2009 Corvette ZR1When I saw these stories run across the wire I was amazed.  Sure, the 2009 Corvette ZR1 will be the fastest car GM has ever built, priced at $100,000.  This comes in below some estimates originally that it may be upwards of $125,000!

The Wall Street Journal reports, "GM is pulling the ZR1 brand out of its recent-history book, borrowing it from a special-edition Corvette that was sold in the 1990s but offered far less power. One of the features that is expected to set the ZR1 apart is carbon-fiber body panels that the company guarantees will last a lifetime. The carbon fiber is lathered with a clear coating that costs about $2,000 a gallon because of a rare additive."

That better be pretty damn rare!  But don’t worry Vette lovers, we at CorvetteBlog WILL have allocation of these ZR1‘s when they become available.  No question about that.  Stay tuned!

[ Wall Street Journal ]

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