Would You Vote for a Corvette Owner?

John McCain Corvette OwnerNothing says Future President like Corvette-owner.  In a story today we learn about the first cars of the 2008 Presidential Candidates.  Turns out, John McCain’s first car was a 1958 Corvette!  If that doesn’t give him an advantage I don’t know what does.

Here’s a quick list of the candidates first cars, and current cars in parenthasis.

  • John McCain:  Chevy Corvette  (Now:  Cadillac CTS)
  • Hillary Clinton:  Oldsmobile Cutlass  (Now:  Ford Hybrid)
  • John Edwards:  Plymouth Duster  (Now:  Ford Escape)
  • Barack Obama:  Ford Granada  (Now:  Chrysler 300C)
  • Bill Richardson:  Ford Mustang  (Now:  Jeep Wrangler)
  • Rudy Giuliani:  Used Dodge  (Now:  Doesn’t drive…)
  • Mike Huckabee:  Mercury Montego  (Now:  Chevy Tahoe)
  • Mitt Romney:  Rambler Classic  (Now:  Ford Mustang)

Other candidates unknown, but for now, you have to admit the ball is in John McCain’s court!


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One Response to Would You Vote for a Corvette Owner?

  1. ACR says:

    Mitt Romney: Rambler Classic

    At the time his father was president of American Motors, the maker of the Rambler. He should therefore receive a “pass”.

    I’m for Huckabee by the way.

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