1965 Corvette Display Auctioned Off for $705,000!

Corvette Cut-Away Auctioned OffBeing from Detroit, we have a great appreciation for Car Shows, car displays and all that goes into marketing cars to the world.  This story takes us back to 1965.

GM and Chevy used Autoramas to display cars and bring the technology and vehicles to customers in a revolutionary way for the time.  The Corvette was nearly 3 years old in ’65 and the hype had died down a little in that time.  They decided they would create a cut-away display of the Corvette to show how not only the beauty of the car, but also how advanced the vehicle was.

Reportedly the display’s location was unknown for sometime until the 1990′s when it was returned to the US and purchased by Al Wiseman.  This week it went on the auction block to the highest bidder looking to revel in Corvette history.  The final bid on the vehicle was $640,000 and with the buyer’s commission of 10%, the final cost coming in at a whopping $704,000!  The buyer you ask?  Showdown Muscle Cars, out of Detroit.

Even better, our friends at CorvetteBlogger have a video of the auction, available after the jump.

[ CorvetteBlogger ]

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