GT5 Features 1960 Corvette

We love Corvettes of the past.  Who doesn’t?  While we can’t all drive a 1960 Corvette at our leisure, we may have the chance to experience something close to it (mind you without the wind blowing through our hair). We can experience the joy of yesterday in the games of today.  The latest edition of the popular video game, Gran Turismo 5, will feature the 1960 Corvette.

We’ve covered Gran Turismo in the past and the game’s appreciation for early Vettes. There are some great screenshots of the game over at PS3 FanBoy of not just the Corvette but many other models that will be featured in the game, which is scheduled to be released sometime in 2008.

Just click on the image below to go to the gallery while you wait and get excited about this sure-to-be amazing video game.

1960 Corvette from Gran Turismo 5

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  1. Eugene Dean says:

    I haven’t seen a Corvette this old in a long time. The body has changed so much over the years. One characteristic that has remained constant is their desirability. Everyone wants a Corvette, and they always have.

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