Yahoo Maps adds Drag and Drop Functionality

Yahoo! MapsWhile this may not be a direct "Corvette" related story, it still has some bearing on us Corvette-lovers.  If you are like me, you are always looking for the best, quickest way to get somewhere.  Yahoo Maps has now added Drop and Drag Functionality to it’s maps, meaning if you don’t like a particular road or the route that Yahoo recommends, just click on that part of your route and move it to a different street or highway that you know works better and it re-calculates your route.

Google Maps
have had this functionality for a while now, but its nice to get more services with the feature.  Additionally, you can always use OnStar with your Corvette Directions and Connections package, should you subscribe – that’s always easiest when you can just hit the blue button and have your OnStar Advisor do it all for you.  Of course some of you have the Navigation option on your Corvettes, which means, you are set to begin with!

Either way, we are all better off and hopefully more on time!

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