November Corvette Sales Continue Decline

Corvette Sales DownNovember sales figures are in for the 2008 Chevrolet Corvette and they aren’t pretty.  Even as GM raises the price of the coveted Coupes and Convertibles, sales decline.

Here are the figures:

  • November 2007 Sales:  2,438  (-12.1%)
  • November 2006 Sales:  2,773

In fact, as surprising as it may seem, the Corvette has not seen a single month sales increase from 2006 figures since June!  In fact, Calendar year to date figures for the Vette still have the pace 8% off from the same time last year.

One must wonder why GM feels that it needs to increase prices at a time like this, not to mention not including the 08 Vettes in the Red Tag Sale promotion that continues to roll-on to lackluster results.

[ GM ]

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One Response to November Corvette Sales Continue Decline

  1. Joel Lau says:

    Decline in sales? Increase of price? Coincidence it isn’t. Might wanna lower those prices you know…what do you think?

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