Stock Corvette Z06 has 10 second 1/4 Mile!

Talk about impressive!  Our friends over at AutoBlog alerted us to the post on CorvetteForum showing that Jamie Furman, driving a stock C6 Corvette Z06 with run flat tires got under 11 seconds, 10.98 to be exact at 129 mph at the Maryland International Raceway.  The time was validated by an official at the track, setting the record for the fastest production vehicle!

After watching video after video of other random vehicles with much less power overtaking the Z06 on YouTube, it makes me proud to see Jamie going out and making this happen at MIR.

While the record isn’t recognized necessarily by any governing body, the simple fact that he has the proof to show and that people all over the internet are talking about his achievement is good enough for us!

After reading on in the story, we find out that Furman actually owned Vipers back in the day.  Seeing that its usually the Viper-lovers that create the most noise about how they think their car beats the Vette, this should quiet them… at least for a while.

Feel free to head over to AutoBlog for the larger scanned images of both of Jamie Furman’s races, one with the run flat tires and one with special drag tires.

[ AutoBlog ]

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35 Responses to Stock Corvette Z06 has 10 second 1/4 Mile!

  1. Team ZR1 says:

    Anyone believing this, I have a bridge to sell you.

    It would take about 600 horspower to do this with a car weighing over 3,200 lbs with the driver.

    Stock runflat tires stink as sidewalls are too stiff.

    At 40 degree weather the good air for good engine performance only but with cold tires and track tires are even overpowered more.

    Torque management during launch plus the wheelhop function PCM has would kill launch and every shift made.

    Someone is not being honest or the track used ( by the way tracks for insurance would not allow a stock car to run those speeds without all the safety gear, including roll bar) either is using this for marketing purpose or their timing gear is not calibrated.

    Sounds more like a owner who wants to claim it big, but anyone knowing the C5/C6 design knows due to rearend weight, a lot is lost due to poor downforce for traction.

    Each shift alone costs about 1 second, thus 3 shifts alone is like 3 seconds lost and a loss of about 60-100 ft/bs of torque during upshifts and having engine recover from the loss of timing which is already low for WOT on the Z06.

    What this does is then make all other Z06 owners to think something is wrong with their Z06 and have been know to sell car thinking it is a lemon for tuning low 12 ET around 118 MPH.

    If a car could be a daily 10 second car, you can bet GM would have marketed with that spec.

    • Stephen Christian says:

      you really don’t know what your are talking about do you? requiring 600whp got a 10 second pass for a 3200 lb car? lol, that’s retarded. my 2011 5.0 weighs 3750 and with a 125 shot runs high 10s on a slick. 550 lbs is a ton of weight. it’s totally doable. Stop hating because you suck at driving.

  2. jamie furman says:

    Obviously the member from Team ZR1 that knows nothing about racing but what he reads should come out to the track with me and witness it first hand. The car runs 11.2 to 11.3 in any weather anytime with 1.8 60′ time. People don’t want to believe what they can’t do themselves! I would be more than willing for ANYONE, ANYTIME! look over my car to prove its stock and I backed that pass up with many 11.00 runs and several other passes in the 10′s with drag radials. Go to an online HP calculator and you will see any 500 hp 3250lb car can easily run 10′s with the right driver. Do your homework or have some facts before you denounce something you obviously know nothing about.

  3. Interested spectator says:

    Do you have a video of it?

  4. Ryan says:

    Unfortunately we don’t. If anyone out there does have a video or link to it, we’d love to share it with our readers!

  5. bygremlin says:

    i for myself have seen atleast 3 different stock z06′s(one an 06 for sure run 11’4′s and no slower than a 11’7 at capital raceway in crofton,md. if you can drive and practice you can do good numbers…i dont know how someone can say you lose 1 second on a shift because my mustang run 12’1 all day and i can get a 12’9 even when i miss a gear as long as i don’t let go of it.

  6. 760RWP says:

    I’m calling it BS. I have 750 RWHP, and barely legal street/drag tires. I have completed every pieceof the car/including suspension.

    My car can run a 10 flat. Guess what you HAVE TO HAVE A CAGE! What track is letting you running 650 BHP at 40 degree weather?

    No way you hook!

    And this line:
    “500 hp 3250lb car can easily run 10′s with the right driver”.

    BS BS BS BS. You ain’t even gonna run 10′s with 500RWHP let alone 500 BHP. Maybe somebody is running the bottle and won’t admit it, or they are running alot more boost and more hp than they are admitting.

    • Master of vette, viper, mustang says:

      I call you bs real bad. There’s nothing to talk about 500whp that can’t do 10 sec. Yes it does easy. Bone stock c6 z06 weight is 3168lbs plus 260lbs pro driver does 10.78 with 450whp with mickey Thompson et street. And yes zr1 does have 550 to 570 whp with drag radial does in 10.23 sec. Stock c7 z06 get the best shot at 10.41 at 138 with stock tires with 8spd auto. Mostly will do 550 to 573WHP c7 z06 does in 10.6 and 10.95 sec with true knowledge how to launched it right with right amount of throttle percent to do that. Well stock boss 302 got 390 whp and does 11.77 sec with 3800lbs with driver. Or 470whp bolt on terminator 2004 does in 10.9 sec. So there all under 500 whp can definitely does 10 sec in a quarter mile also 533whp awd evo lancer does in 10.5 at 141. So shut up. I know the best with proven. Mostly of people talk about iy is so slow times and because of them not have right tires, road conditions, whether, tranny set up and suspension set up. Well I bet 600whp corvette with perfect traction will fuck hit very high 9 seconds for 3000- 3300lbs cars. Trust me I know I’m right cuz I tested it all.

  7. Quarter Pounder says:

    I believe it, because it’s true. 500 HP at 3200 lb race weight is entirely possible to hit the 10s. Guys just don’t want to give this man credit, because they can’t do it themselves or even come close. Fact is, on drag radials the C6 Z06 is known for being capable of hitting high-10s with a good launch. You naysayers really need to get out to the track once in awhile and watch these cars run. Either that, or maybe you’re just Viper fans, which would explain the previous negative comments.

  8. Phimosis says:

    When I crunch this through a drag race calculator, I use 3350 pounds. The published dy weight is 3159. With liquids, at least 3200. With small driver, at least 3350 pounds. 3350 pounds with 10.98 = 500 hp. Ok…sure on slicks. On Eagle F1′s? Please. These launch like crap. I have a C6. I know. I want to believe it, but the math just doesn’t add up if you are arguing it’s on stock tires.

  9. michael prince says:

    I know it’s true because I have a C6 and ran 11 flat at 115 mph, and it can happen. It just takes the right guy, the right time, and the right track conditon.

  10. Lawrence says:

    I have a friend that scored a .02 RT in a 1989 Mercury Grand Marquis with a stock 5.0 with a cone filter and 60,000 miles. With a good RT, great shifts,and don’t let off when you shift, you can easily put a C6 Z06 in the high 10′s. I have a friend I see every day that has an 02 Z06 with stock tires and nothing done to it. With his 260 lbs and a full tank, he stops the clocks at 11.5 at Gateway International Raceway, and thats with 100 less horses than the C6 Z06. Believe it, it happens every week.

  11. Herb says:

    Believe it. Jamie and Ranger have been knockin’ at the 10′s for some time with their Zs.

  12. vic says:

    its simple physics it is possible i have seen it done in dr’s. with great track prep with a real sticky 60ft you can do it on stock tires on a very well sprayed track.
    and for the dude that says he ran an 11 flat in his c6 at 115 jesus you must of had a 1.45 60ft to have that time with that low of a mph that is bs.

  13. stewart nosky says:

    I had a 64 chevy 2 with a 427 ,worked suspension I could adjust ,10 inch slicks, single 850cfm hollly and turned 11.7 118 mph. With more carbs it turned
    low 11′s. I would doubt high 10′s,
    but high 11′s I can believe.
    A one time good run is poosible with the right conditions, like a good jump off the line,,,but,,,.

  14. jesus christ says:

    oh my god. forget your c5, your 64 chevy, your weight, 505hp, and other b.s., it says it is a stock c6 z06 with stock tires. what you don’t know, is that it probably has been dyno tuned to the max, and the little guy driving it knows his shit. I’ve been 11.0 with runflats in my stock 03 z06, and just purchased an 06 z06. the people calling b.s. are the ones that can’t afford a z06 and have no friends that can afford one either, so that they could actually ride in one. I have a mustang that goes 10.50′s and this car would destroy it on street tires. get your priorities straight in life, and you won’t be limited to 64 chevy’s and all the other crap you claim is faster than these cars.

    • Blair says:

      Your “stock 03 z06″ runs an 11 flat in the quarter? Really? So you can get 1.5 seconds faster in the 1/4 mile than the guys at Road and Track or MotorTrend? And the fastest stock time recorded in a c5 z06 corvette is 11.8 seconds for the 1/4 mile… I guess you’re really fast though and can somehow run almost a full second faster on a stock car than the fast time recorded. Dude you’re full of shit

      • Glenn says:

        I’ve a stock 2009 C6 Z06 and consistently hit 11.5 +.2 seconds on my local timed dragway in Florida. This is casual play using my daily driver.

  15. Ace says:

    What most people do not understand about Corvette’s is the aerodynamics. 80 and up Corvette’s are not going to be effected by air friction as much as normal cars. That is how they are designed. Get a 10 sec Camaro or Mustang vs a Corvette Z06 on the freeway and the Vette will walk them every time. (Supposing the drivers are evenly skilled.)

  16. Brian says:

    Give me a break guys, drag racing is 100% in the driver. If the (confirmed) record for a bone stock C5 Z06 with 405hp is 11.78, what makes you think a C6 Z06 can’t run LESS than a second faster… Go learn how to drive, realize how hard it is, and then congratulate the guy on an amazing set of circumstances and an amazing run.

    • Kevin g says:

      I have a 08z with headers only I did a 11:60 @119 mph with a bald 22″ cheap tire I believe he did but can’t grab on to why gm didn’t

    • Master of vette, viper, mustang says:

      I knew c6 z06 does in 10.78 with drag radial. I don’t care about power or shift time or tranny set up. All I cares about is 100% traction at 4k rpm launched and floored it. I’ll need full suspension and slick tires and best clutch and shifts times it will actually hit 10.6 sec with out doubt. For in the street it never made it. It will usually hit low 11 sec. I already knew stock c6 z06 is the 10 sec car. And everybody haters about it is noth I Nguyen of knowledge well what a dumbass who fuck make the corvette? Nobody!

  17. Pete says:

    I would def believe he just got just under the 11 mark…a good tune is priceless….and as for all the poor people with crappy cars…get a better job…sorry we cant all be poor…

  18. hunter says:

    I believe it and I don’t like when people compare this car to other cars especially older carbed cars. I have a 99 fuel injected automatic mustang with about 400 rwhp and i take race cars that have undergone weight reductions and are supposedly pushing 700+ hp. I don’t know why newer cars seem to turn better times with less hp but they do. Wanhh wanhh wanhh my chevy with 750 hp only runs 11′s how can a 500 hp car do it? Probably because the tuning is probably much more accurate on a computer controlled engine versus a carb. The computer management is what makes this car so fast (at least IMO). I bet the dyno curve on a Z06 is raw and consistent, the dyno curve on most of your carb cars are probably skewed and inconsistent. How long is your engine holding 750 hp? My mustang kicks ass and I love surprising people with my 400 rwhp convertible.

  19. tasos says:

    high 10s with a stock zo6,why not?with a very good driver,its possible.Why should i not believe that,and believe that a zr1 in a test of Autocar runs 12,1 sec 1/4 mile?Also,a stock zr1 runs 11,2 sec 1/4 AT 132 Mph,not 11,5 sec in motor trend test.And the Ranger in you tube has a 10,74 sec 1/4 zr1 totally stock.congrats to the 10,98 zo6 guy.

  20. joes 07 zo6 says:

    I know this guy is telling the truth about his c6 running high 10s. Im telling you these c6 zo6s will blow your mind if you ever get the chance to drive one. I thought my 2010 camaro ss was bad ass and it really was. But it wasnt until i bought my 07 zo6 that now has 11000 miles when i realized how slow my camaro was. You cant give these zo6s all they have. I dont care how good of a driver you think you are. You will find your ass in a bar ditch on the side of the road if your not careful. The power to weight that these cars have is crazy. Thank you GM for making such a bad ass car !!!!!

    • Stephen rays says:

      Amen brother I bought my 2008 and I though about supercharging it. But after I drove it I realized that I am not a race car driver. So I just got bolt one with 500 rwhp and that’s enough

  21. Dzz06 says:

    I for one believe it. I purchased a z06 and my very first time out on the track I ran a 11.80 at 127 with a 2.40 60′ my car is 100% stock.

  22. Rich Race says:

    The receipt says “RACE GAS” so if it runs a low 11, and the engine responds to a higher octane, the winds are in the right condition… Why not… ?

  23. HaulDoll says:

    Guys, Maryland International Raceway is 128′ above sea level. You cars will run super fast there with that dense air. Good 60′ with a tuned Z06 would do 10.98 for sure. There are little tricks too like removing the air filter that can really help get some extra HP.

  24. Anongamr says:

    Race fuel = not stock

    • turbowner says:

      it didn’t say it had race fuel! he was in the “Torco Race Fuel” lane!!! the car can run 10′s in the right conditions. period!

  25. Bill Kotz says:

    I have a Saturn Sky with 245/45/18 F1 good/year tires with no internal mods . I’m running the stock 5L40E auto trans . I have run 1:70 60 ft and many more low 1:70s . My car runs 12:40s 110 mph . I’m not saying F 1s are great but many people will argue that this car can’t run these numbers . My friend Lee Howie had a Solstice (same car different skin) in 2008 turning mid 1:60s 60 ft
    12:01 ET 114-117 mph . He now has an 08 Z06 no nitrous or boost ran 9:63 first pass with an autotrans ! At Kilkare drag strip this month . That was his 1st and last pass there . He got booted ! Nov 7 running at Edgewater drag strip . Ohio

  26. Speedracer69 says:

    Jamie don’t sweat it. People don’t know much about cars or even how to launch a car off the line. I’ve been racing at Cecil county, capital raceway, and buds creek MIR. I have the yellow ZL1 and blue SRT4 and light blue Sky redline and dark blue XLR and blue STI. ZL1 11.55 SRT4 11.79 Sky 12.63 XLR 13.25 STI 12.52 all stock it’s all in the way you drive and break-in a car. The SRT4 has slicks and skinnies. So if your good, it can be done.

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