3rd Corvette Price Increase Announced

GM LogoNever did we think we’d be writing about a third price increase this year on 2008 Corvettes.  Unfortunately, GM announced today that it is raising prices on a majority of its vehicles, including Corvette Coupes, Convertibles, and now Z06′s as well.  In addition to the price increase on the base vehicle prices, they are also increasing the destination charge on Corvettes to $850.

One would think this is pretty counterintuitive given GM’s declining sales of Corvettes over the past year, but who ever said that GM was intuitive to begin with?

It is important to note, if you have ordered from CorvetteBlog, you are price protected against the increase.  If you are ordering from another dealer and they have not marked your order as sold or a "SRE" unit (the code for sold vehicle orders) then you are not protected.  These orders are called "TRE" orders, so you may want to check with the dealer who you’ve ordered your Corvette from to assure you aren’t facing the new pricing.

So here’s the details on base pricing of each model:

  • Corvette Coupes:  $46,950
  • Corvette Convertibles:  $55,425
  • Corvette Z06s:  $72,125

If you have any questions about your order through CorvetteBlog, feel free to contact us direct at (888) 875-0728.  If you’re looking to order a Corvette in the future, deal with someone you can trust:  CorvetteBlog.com.

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  1. Jack says:

    That’s completely ridiculous. I can’t believe GM continues to raise prices amidst sales declines. They have a way to go… a long way.

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