CorvetteBlog Video of the Week: 1988 C4 Action

I love the C6, don’t get me wrong, but its fun to go back and look at Corvettes of the past and this week for our CorvetteBlog Video of the Week, we head back to 1988.  This week’s video features a ’88 C4 Corvette with it’s digital speedometer and all.  Check it out.


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2 Responses to CorvetteBlog Video of the Week: 1988 C4 Action

  1. Jake Northam says:

    THATS ME!!!! Haha I was looking through the links on my videos and I could not BELIEVE it was put on! This made my day!

  2. Jacob Dyess says:

    omg im the one in the passenger seat. We are some badasses! Never take this vid off! we freakin rock!

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