Corvette Wins XM’s Coolest Car Challenge

XM Radio LogoWhen I think of "cool" I think of Corvette.  So did the editors of Motor Trend.  They recently announced the 2008 Corvette C6 as the winner of The Editors' Coolest Car Challenge.

The Challenge asked readers of Motor Trend and Automobile Magazine to match their wits against the editors of the magazines.  They had a tournament bracket (like in College basketball) of 64 XM-equipped vehicles which were up against one another.  The readers were to try to guess which vehicle the editors would think was the cooler car.

But of course, the Corvette came out on top as the Coolest Car.  In a press release, Arthur St. Antoine (Editor at Large for Motor Trend) said, "Other rides have plenty of claim to the title of cool, but almost none of them can say they have been cool for as long as the Corvette...  It’s the original star-spangled two-seater, and it’s been turning heads for more than half a century. Race-bred suspension and road-hugging performance grace every model, and cool features abound. The Corvette silhouette is unmistakable.”

People who participated in the bracket had the opportunity to win a $10,000 grand prize towards the purchase of a Corvette.  A gentleman from Elk Grove, California ended up taking the prize.

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