ZR1 Pricing: It’s Anyone’s Guess

2009 Corvette ZR1A lot of speculation is out there right now about the pricing structure of the new 2009 Corvette ZR1We reported the price is supposedly set at about $100,000.  GM hasn't released any information on the final price, and we don't expect that to come for a while yet.  Some have speculated we could see pricing around $125,000, as well.

The real question becomes: what will dealers charge?  The production will be very limited, we know that.  Based on other vehicles such as limited edition Pace Cars, and the very limited Ron Fellows Edition from last year, dealers were charging over sticker then.  Imagine a vehicle with the raw power and mass-appeal such as the ZR1 being released. Given the expected brutal impact of the recent energy laws out of the U.S. Congress, what might this supercar go for at the beginning of production?

Peter De Lorenzo of AutoExtremist.com recently wrote his prediction of a price approaching $200,000!  We can't imagine the price going that high, but it does spark the question.  We've included Peter's comments after the jump.

We are accepting deposits for 2009 ZR1's now at CorvetteBlog.com, but like other dealers out there, have yet to establish our pricing policy.  If you are interested in learning about a deposit, feel free to give us a call at (888) 875-0728.

Stay tuned to CorvetteBlog.com for complete and breaking information on the 2009 Corvette ZR1, especially pricing details!


 It should be noted the only reason we are copying his entire commentary is that De Lorenzo doesn't currently offer permalinks to link directly to his blog, and the content may not be easily found later in the year Here's the entire quote from AutoExtremist.com. 

"The vaunted GM PR "embargo" on the 2009 Corvette ZR-1 was blown to smithereens tonight. It was supposed to have a Thursday, December 20, 12:01AM hard start, but that no longer applies, due to some people who didn't feel the need to adhere to the embargo. The new ZR-1 will be officially unveiled at the NAIAS in January. We will post photos when we get to it, although frankly, we could really give a shit at this point. Suffice to say, it has a blown 6.2-liter "LS9" small-block V-8 with 650HP and 600 lb.-ft. of torque, and it is said to supercede the Z06 in every measurable performance category - and by a considerable amount too. The thing is said to be brutally fast - probably well over the heads and capabilities of most of the people who will get their hands on one - but isn't that always the case in these situations? The short story? The Corvette ZR-1 represents the last of an era for GM, Corvette, and frankly for the entire domestic automobile industry. From here on out, if you want high-performance you're going to pay dearly for it as the industry slowly but surely converts to a wartime cadence to meet the upcoming fuel economy goals that were just put into law. As it is, the new Corvette ZR-1 will cost approximately $100,000 when it appears late next year (we're guessing closer to $125,000 on the sticker by the time it hits Chevrolet showrooms), and it will be available in limited quantities. A lot of money? When you compare the performance numbers that this car will deliver (0-60 in 3 sec. etc.) with what you have to spend elsewhere to get that level of performance, it's a steal. And when you place the Corvette ZR-1 in proper perspective and understand what this car means in the Big Picture of things and that it represents the absolute high-water mark of the most glorious high-performance era in Detroit automotive history, then I predict you will see prices at dealerships approaching $200,000.00 - easily."

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