Carbon Fiber Use Not Anytime Soon

2009 Corvette ZR1As reported today on AutoBlog, it seems that the use of Carbon Fiber (CF) on the Corvette may still be at least 10 years away.  The use of CF on the ZR1 is a sure sign that GM recognizes that its use is the future of Corvette, but wants to tread lightly and see how feasible on mass produced vehicles.

Carbon Fiber is used for a number of parts on the ZR1, including the roof, hood, front fenders, and spoiler, just to name a few.  This provided GM with a savings of 35 pounds against the normal parts used on the fiberglass Corvette.

So the rational question, given the upcoming fuel standard increase, is why wouldn’t GM use CF on future Corvettes as soon as next year?  Well, unfortunately its extremely cost prohibitive at this point.  While the demand for carbon fiber continues to grow, the price is not inline where it would keep the Corvette at the great price point it’s always enjoyed.  The ZR1 is a totally different animal that can get away with its use, but that’s all we’re going to see any time soon.

[ AutoBlog ]

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