2008 Corvette Buildout Dates Announced

2008 CorvetteGM announced the 2008 Model Year Buildout for Corvettes recently.  Here is all the information you need to know about ordering a 2008 Vette or Z06 while you can.

April 23rd:  Final Allocation Available – The day when dealers will find out how many 2008 Corvettes they can order before production stops.

April 25th:  Sold Order Cutoff
- The last day dealers have to place sold orders 2008 model year Corvettes and Z06′s.

May 20th:  Last Day to Change Orders - This is the final day that dealers will have to edit or change their remaining 2008 Corvette orders before being produced.

June 20th:  Plant Buildout Date – The last day the Bowling Green, KY plant will produce 2008 Corvettes.

As a reminder, we are taking deposits now for the first 2009 Corvettes that will be available.  You can order yours through us, with the Corvette Blog reader discount, and have it delivered anywhere in the country.  Leave a comment (kept private) or call us today at (888) 875-0728 and we can put you in the pipeline and make sure you have the newest and best Corvette when they become available.

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