Detroit News Reviews the Z06

2008 Corvette Z06With all the hype over the upcoming 2009 Corvette ZR-1, the Z06 has been cast as the "middle child" with much less attention being paid to what is a fantastically fast and sexy car.  I haven’t read a review of a Z06 in a while, so it was refreshing to read Scott Burgess’ column in The Detroit News this week.

I won’t reiterate the article, but if you care about the Z06, you should definitely click on the link below to read his take.  Most of the article is extremely complimentary.  One area he did say he’d like to see improvement (which I agree with) is the interior of the vehicle.  Chevy could, and should, make the upgrade.  The best line of the article?  Simply this…

"Whether cruising to the country club or to Key West to park in front of Sloppy Joe’s, the Z06 will get you noticed. Corvettes — all Corvettes — are distinctive, iconic and easily recognizable. People never ask you, "How do you like that sports car?" Instead, they say, "Nice ‘Vette." Or they just nod in knowing approval."

So True.

[ The Detroit News ]

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