Distribution Details Announced for Limited Edition Z06: We Have At Least 1!

Corvette 427 Z06Great news!  We finally have some information on the distribution method Chevy has decided on for the recently announced 427 Limited Edition Z06.

The first 427′s will be available to order tomorrow, March 6th.  Here’s the kicker… Dealers with 27 or more total Corvette sales will be awarded at least one Z44.

We are one of the elite dealers that will have a 427 Z06 available tomorrow to order!  If you are interested in placing a deposit on the order we have coming available, call us immediately at (888) 875-0728 or leave a comment (kept private) and we will get you all the information you need.

There will be two DOSP cycles that will be open for ordering of the Z44 constraint:  the first being tomorrow and the second being March 20th. 

Also to note is that the Z44 constraints will not be protected and no 427 Limited Edition pattern orders will be generated to fulfill allocations. Therefore, any Z44 constraints not utilized by the originally assigned dealer will be made available to any dealer with Z06 allocation during subsequent DOSP cycles.  That’s extremely unlikely to happen.

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