Consumer Reports Rates Z06 “Most Fun to Drive”

Corvette Z06:  Most Fun to Drive!Consumer Reports, everyone’s favorite independent rating organization, came out with their annual "American Top Picks" list.  The criteria to be on the list includes them having reliability data for the car, stability control must be available and the crash tests have to be decent.

With those criteria met, the Corvette Z06 was named Most Fun Car to Drive.  it beat out many other qualified American rivals, and Consumer Reports gives us an idea why (although in a rather negative tone).  They say:

Fun to drive: The Corvette Z06 is an awesome car, but Corvette reliability is well-below average. The CTS could also qualify here, but again, no reliability data. Going down the list, the Mustang GT lacks ESC; we don’t have reliability data on the Dodge Viper; and the Pontiac Solstice/Saturn Sky have subpar reliability. The Dodge Charger R/T V8 is reliable and fast, but its overly light steering feel keeps it from being truly fun to drive.

Our only other complaint about the article is how it starts off.  The tone seems to be that they only come out with this list because people email and correspond with them that buying American is important and a decision factor for many.  It would seem to me that while the list is a great idea, buying American is an even better idea.  There’s something to be said about being impartial and independent, but its something else to go dogging the industry that built this country.

What’s your take?  Let us know.  And did we also mention, we have 5 Z06′s in stock now at GMS Pricing?  Call or write us for more details.

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