2007 Corvette Incentives Continue to Grow

Shop Chevy Now EventChevy is really trying to move the remaining 2007 Corvettes on the ground around the US.  If the previous incentives of $2,000 and $3,000 on ’07 Coupes and Convertibles, respectively, wasn’t enough… now they’ve gone and made it better.

From now until 3/31/08 you can get 0% Financing on all 2007 Corvette Coupes and Convertibles!  The offer doesn’t apply to remaining ’07 Z06′s.  The financing offer is for those S, A, or B tier credit and cannot be combined with the incentive cash mentioned in the first paragraph.

If you’re looking for a new Corvette and don’t mind having last year’s model, then now is really the best time we’ve seen to make it happen.  You can save over $10,000 on the financing alone, and if you’re not looking to finance, why not just take the customer cash discounts and get a great deal.

We still have 2 remaining 2007 Corvettes, a 3LT Convertible and a 3LT Coupe.  If you’re interested in learning about the pricing and options, please let us know by calling us today at (888) 875-0728 or by leaving a comment (kept private).

Remember, 0% Financing ends 3/31/08 and the Customer Cash ends 4/30/08.

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