2008 Corvette Ordering Updates

2008 Corvette Indy Pace Car (Z4Z)While we don’t normally post updates on ordering after publishing the Corvette Constraints for the week, we thought this information was worth updating you on as it was redistributed to dealers by Chevy’s District Managers.  The updates are in regards to 2 different options:  The Z4Z Indy Pace Car and the 67U Machine Silver constraints.

The Z4Z Indy Pace Car replicas are still available for ordering.  When we saw the number of available units the past couple of weeks for dealers to order, we thought demand might be a little low.  Looks like we were right.  This week the ZAZ constraints are not protected.  This means that if a dealer has a Pace Car order waiting in their que but doesn’t have the allocation during the initial ordering cycle, they can pick one up if another dealer passes on their allocation.  As a reminder, there are 500 replicas being built.

67U Machine Silver is now officially discontinued.  We had heard rumors and posted those thoughts in the past couple of weeks and it has now been confirmed.  They will replace Machine Silver in 2009 with two different silver color options.  One is called Blade Silver Metallic (17U) which is a lighter silver color resembling Machine Silver and the other is Cyber Gray Metallic (57U), a darker color silver/gray.

We are accepting deposits on 2009 Corvettes, which we will gladly order for you in either of those new colors or any color you desire, all at GM Supplier Pricing for our Corvette Blog readers, with national delivery.  Call us or comment back today for more details.

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