Weekly 2008 Corvette Ordering Constraints

As always, we at CorvetteBlog have the latest constraints straight from General Motors.

2008 Corvettes that are ordered this week have a Target Production Period (TPP) of the weeks of May 5th-18th, 2008. 

  • 2008 Corvettes:  This week we continue to have 3 national constraints on Corvette ordering.  First, QX3 Chrome Wheels are completely constrained with 0 available.  Secondly, 67U Machine Silver is unavailable to order, most likely built out for the year.  Lastly, only 100 Z4Z Indy Pace Cars are available to order nationally.
  • 2008 Corvette Z06:  There are 2 national constraints on Z06′s.  Z44 "427" Limited Edition Z06 is now built out.  The other constraint is the same as with the Corvette, 67U Machine Silver is not available to order.

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6 Responses to Weekly 2008 Corvette Ordering Constraints

  1. mike says:

    I was wondering when a constraint is issued (as in the color silver) does that mean production at that time is stoped? or that no new orders from dealers are accepted? and if the order from the dealer has’nt been picked up it that aslso affected ? thanks Mike

  2. Ryan says:

    Mike, that is a great question! The Bowling Green plant carries three weeks of production orders so in a case like this they will continue to paint the current silver for three weeks after we stop preferencing dealer orders.

    Unfortunately that does mean that if a dealer has an order for a silver car that has not yet been preferenced (promoted for production), that order will necessarily need to be changed to another color or canceled.

  3. Mike says:

    Ryan, Thanks for the response. Quick follow up question, I was told that my Z-06 order was pick-up this past Monday, if I understand correctly I most likely won’t get silver would you agree thanks Mike

  4. Frank Martin says:

    I have a special ed. 427 on order, that suppose to be delivered to my dealer 4/16/08. Are the QX3 chrome wheels going to be on that vehicle? Has the constraint affected the spl. ed cars?

  5. Ryan says:

    Frank, if you have a 427 Z06 on order, you shouldn’t have any problems. If the vehicle is scheduled to be delivered by 4/16, it has already been produced. Additionally, the QX3 wheels are not part of the 427 package, so no worries! When you get the 427 in, we’d love to hear about it and get some pictures to post on the blog. Exciting!!!

  6. Ryan says:

    Mike, in response to your question, if you had a sold order with a dealer and it just got “picked up” then I’d believe you’d be okay. That said, I think it would be a good idea to confirm what “picked up” meant (is it placed or is there allocation for you to order?) They should be updating you if the order is not able to be submitted because of the color constraint.

    I hope that answers your question.

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