Change to Corvette Allocation Process for Dealers

ChevyWe received note today that Chevy has announced a change in the allocation process for Corvettes.  In the past, all allocation for dealerships wishing to order Corvettes was based upon a controlled formula that they had come up with.  Now it seems that they are going to revert back to normal ADS allocation.

ADS stands for Available Days Supply.  This means that dealers need to "turn and earn" or the faster you move the Corvettes, the sooner you earn new ones.  The Z06 and ZR1 will not be included in this change, they will stay on the controlled allocation strategy.

Here is breakdown by month of how the allocation strategy will change:

  • July Consensus for Dealers:  25% ADS / 75% Controlled Allocation
  • August Consensus:  50% ADS / 50% Controlled Allocation
  • September Consensus:  75% ADS / 25% Controlled Allocation
  • October Consensus and beyond:  100% ADS
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