Corvette Concept Appears in Transformers 2

Possible Corvette Concept in Transformers 2If you were a fan of the original Transformers, then you’re probably very excited about the upcoming Transformers 2, "Revenge of the Fallen" film that’s being shot as we speak.  The film will debut next summer and while the Camaro concept got the main attention in the last film, a possible Corvette concept could be making waves in this sequel.

It appears that the car is getting a paint job in the house of Chip Foose.  We can assume that GM will come out sometime before the film and give us the real scoop on what this is (or will be).  Considering they used the original Transformers to really promote the Camaro, we’d have to believe they are doing something similar with this vehicle and it’s future starring role.  C7 anyone?

[ Jalopnik ]

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2 Responses to Corvette Concept Appears in Transformers 2

  1. David Bastos says:

    How much is the Corvette that appeared in Transformers 2 ? When can I but a Corvette like this one in store ?

  2. Ryan says:


    Thanks for your comment. Unfortunately that particular vehicle is simply a concept. There are no plans (as of now) for this to be produced on a large scale. We’re excited and awaiting the C7 release information. When we know ANYTHING, be sure to look here!


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