Fun Day at George Matick Chevrolet

The 2008 version of Cruisin’ Telegraph is history!  Cruisers drove up and down about ten miles of Telegraph Road through Redford, Dearborn Heights, Dearborn, and Taylor, Michigan on Saturday.

A good number of members of the United Council of Corvette Clubs made George Matick Chevrolet their home for the day.  A huge tent for shade, goody bags, and free food all contributed to a festive atmosphere, but, of course, the best part was the Corvette display.  Corvettes came from as far as Flint, Michigan, Toledo, Ohio and Gary, Indiana.

Enjoy the views below the break.


































































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5 Responses to Fun Day at George Matick Chevrolet

  1. Julius says:

    You forgot to mention you sold a first time Corvette owner his first Vette .

  2. Terri says:

    Was the blogmeister signing autographs?

  3. Bill C. says:

    Julius — Thanks to the nice photos you sent, we have that story covered on the July 30 Blog. Thank you!

  4. Bill C. says:

    None was requested, but he would have obliged!

  5. alex says:

    First of all I want to thank you for the photos…
    I ever see the cars like this….
    I used to travel with an old model…
    This type of fashion cars really fantastic…

    Once again Thanks,


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