United Council of Corvette Clubs Convention

July 2008 finds the United Council of Corvette Clubs enjoying their annual convention in Atlanta, Georgia.  Home base for activities is the Sheraton Gateway Hotel, located right near the Atlanta Airport.

CorvetteBlog is here to support the UCCC and participate in some of the events.  Thursday was consumed with drag racing at the Silver Dollar Raceway in pecan country, in the town of Reynolds, about 100 miles south of Atlanta.

Unfortunately, a powerful storm blew through during the proceedings, and the final runs never were run.  Dorothy Swearingen of the Silver Dollar Raceway risked life and limb out by the tracks, though, taking photos of the participants.  To see or purchase photographs of these competitors, follow the instructions below:

Log on to www.silverdollarraceway.com.

Click on PHOTOS.

Click on www.classicpics.com.

Enter CORVETTE CLUB in the Search Field.

You should then see 46 photos taken, and have the opportunity to purchase print copies for yourself.

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  1. Bill says:

    Looking for Corvette club in Charlotte Metropolitan area.

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