Gas Tank Pumps for 2004 Corvette

George Matick Chevrolet is overstocked on gas tank pumps for the 2004 CorvettePart #10337590 is now available at a drastic price reduction!

Normally $460 each, we can now sell this for just $200, plus $15 shipping & handling.  An additional price break is offered on bulk orders.

Additional views are below the break.  Respond in the comment box below, and we will keep your message private.










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2 Responses to Gas Tank Pumps for 2004 Corvette

  1. craig says:

    I an building a 1954 corvette with an LS3 engine. I require a fuel pump with 60 psi and 40 gph. GM # 19151145 meets these requirements. Will your pump meet these requirements? If so what are the measurements of the pump. I have to know if it will fit in my tank.

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