With the decreased value of the U.S. dollar, are Europeans really better off?

2009 Corvette ZR1After Kroyman Corporation, a Dutch importer, recently announced the European sticker price of the new ZR1, you should be lucky you live west of the Atlantic! Here in the United States, a ZR1 goes for $105,000, which includes shipping, luxury tax, and driver’s training courses.

Now, relatively speaking, one U.S. dollar currently equals roughly 0.64 euros. So, you would think that those lucky Europeans would able to snatch this gem of a car for close to $67,200.

However, Kroyman Corporation, which handles all Corvette sales in Europe, recently revealed an incredible 136,000 euros as the price of the new Corvette! Now, when one calculates the 136,000 euros into dollars, it leaves you with a $214,000 vehicle!!

So there you have it. Europe is already infamous for their insanely high gas prices and tax rates. And now if you want to purchase a ZR1, be extra happy you live in the United States!

[ AutoWeek ]

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