Personalization Form for the 2009 Corvette

Corvette Personalization Form - Click to DownloadAt George Matick Chevrolet, we always make it a point to go through every personalization option that new and pre-owned Corvettes offer.  To help our Sales Consultants (and customers) fully customize their vehicle, we use a Personalization Choices form.

A picture of the form can be found to the right and you can click on the form to download the large PDF version to print out and customize your own Vette.

Remember, if you are considering purchasing from a dealer that doesn’t sell a lot of Corvettes or Z06′s, you could be missing out on the complete Vette ownership experience.  We take pride in having the knowledge, training, and hands-on attention to every Corvette we sell, and every customer that chooses to purchase from us.

Don’t settle for just any dealership when looking for your Corvette, find the best, George Matick Chevrolet.  Our GM Supplier Pricing for Everyone on all Corvettes stands as one of the best deals out there and we are so proud that all over the US, readers are continuing to select us as their dealership of choice.

As always, feel free to call or email us and we can get you the exact Corvette you’ve always been looking for… and of course, we’ll be customizing every option just for you!

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